Why Are We Here?

Written by Ysmay.

We are here because we know if you make the wrong choice about where to live, the fall out can be devastating and profound.

Sure, there are alternatives to MetroSeeker. You could spend countless hours on Google sifting through travel sites, or so-called city guide sites.

But we aren't just a website. We aren't a residential guide, and we aren't a travel guide either. We are a quality of life guide. We are dedicated to helping you find a city that suits the person you are and the life you want to live.

We do more than just expertly research each and every shred of information we publish. We embody all that "locally sourced" is. Our local experts and celebrities talk to us about their careers and life in their city so we can bring you the most comprehensive perspective of a city possible.

We know if you're going to make a life somewhere, you'll want to go beyond the obvious.



MetroSeeker.com is dedicated to bringing you city information of the highest quality 100% free to the user.

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