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Will Google's "Driverless Cars" Be Welcome in Miami?

Written by Sarah Gray.

Anyone who lives in or has visited Miami understands that there are certain times of the day that you avoid the road. Morning and afternoon commute times are nearly insane, and it really does not matter which roads you use or your destination. Miami traffic and the word gridlock are synonymous, and the amount of accidents that occur daily on these roads is phenomenal.

Miami Traffic

The Miami area has the highest amount of traffic accidents in the state of Florida. This is due to the large volume of cars as well as the sometimes confusing road signs throughout the area. It doesn't help that visitors unfamiliar with Miami, often find themselves cutting across lanes to reach their exit and the results of this action is usually an accident. Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, Miami car accident attorneys, see a lot of "he said - she said" car accident cases involving denial of liability.

However, Miami may soon see a significant drop in their accidents and traffic jams. The Google self-driving car is being test marketed in this area and it is anticipated that this test will be met with success.

Not a New Concept

The idea of a self-driving automobile is not new, as it was first introduced to the car industry in 1939. At that time, it was designed to run on tracks similar to trolley cars. This concept was well received, but the practicality of running tracks everywhere in the nation was just not feasible. The prototypes have continued to develop since then, with the first electric versions coming from this research.Now, with the available technology, self-driving cars are becoming an affordable reality that could be incorporated into society without large infrastructure expenses or other changes to roadways.

All the Bells and Whistles

Cars that are self-driving and those that are not will be able to share the same roads. These new new self-driving vehicles will run off of computer and satellite signals, with an installed GPS device directing occupants anywhere they desire. Amazingly, this can all be done without the need for any manual operations as these cars will not have brake and gas pedals, or steering wheels.

These driverless automobiles are environmentally friendly and weigh much less than a standard sedan. Reduced amounts of gasoline can operate these cars which means much lower emission rates. It is anticipated that this technology could also save over a billion gallons of gas each year just from the controlled stopping and starting motion. Miami has been chosen as one of the American test areas for this technology due to the high traffic volume found in this area and because Florida is one of only three states in the U.S. that has passed legislation making driverless cars legal in their state.

Sarah Gray, a regular Miami visitor, believes it remains to be seen whether self-driving cars will improve traffic around the city.Will it reduce the amount of accidents that occur in and around Miami? The answer is yes. The three main things that lead to accidents can be eliminated: lost drivers, distracted drivers and drivers under the influence. When you consider these three facts alone, having self-driving automobiles in Miami, or anywhere, will be a good thing.

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