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Getting Around with Miami Public Transit

Written by Ysmay.

Miami System MapMiami System Map

Miami-Dade public transit is the 14th largest public transit system in America and the largest in Florida. Miami-Dade Transit provides public transit solutions for the entirety of Miami-Dade county with 326,000 daily riders.

Exact change is required on all buses. Change boxes accept nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Dr. Best Bus by Arturo de AlbornozDr. Best Bus by Arturo de Albornoz

Metrorail does not accept cash, only Easy Card and Easy Ticket.

An Easy Card is, well, easier! You can purchase an Easy Card online or at a vending machine at Metrorail Stations.

An Easy Card is durable and reloadable with no expiration date. When parking at Metrorail you must pay a parking fee of $4 per day.

A monthly parking permit is available for $10 with the purchase of a monthly Metrorail pass.

Clicking here or on the image above will load the Miami-Dade System Map PDF.

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