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5 Deadly Distractions and How to Avoid Them

Written by Jamica Bell.

Distracted DriverDistracted Driver


No one ever anticipates being involved in an auto accident when they start out their day. Unfortunately, the average driver has to file an auto insurance claim once every 17.9 years, so this means that many people are wrong with their assumption that they'll make it through the day safe.

Unfortunately, distracted driving behaviors can seriously increase the chance of an accident. Of all auto accidents in 2010, for instance, statistics show that distracted driving attributed to about 18 percent. This is why every driver should recognize some of the most dangerous distracted driving behaviors that they can engage in.

Since there is such a rise in distraction related accidents, it is important to seek legal advice from counsel that is well versed in your state's laws regarding the matter. For example, if you are a Florida or Georgia driver and involved in a collision, it would be advisable to contact car accident lawyers in Miami Florida or Atlanta Georgia because they have experience in their state's statues.

Below are 5 common distractions that can be potentially fatal:

1) Rubbernecking

It's almost ironic that rubbernecking is one of the most dangerous distracted driving behaviors that a person could engage in. Simply paying too much attention to another accident can quickly lead to an additional collision. In 2003, a study found that about 16 percent of all distracted driving accidents were caused by rubbernecking, so it's imperative to focus on getting to one's destination and just learn about the accident on the evening news.

2) Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is one of the deadliest distracted behaviors that a person can engage in. A full 20 percent of all distracted driving accidents are due to texting while driving. This danger, however, is nothing new. A Florida man lost his fiancée in 2008 when a texting truck driver plowed into a line of vehicles. Due to these types of accidents, many states have actually outlawed the behavior.

3) Construction Sites

Construction zones aren't really a distracted "behavior," but they do provide a huge distraction to those on the road. This is why every driver should stay focused and not engage in any behaviors that may take their attention away from the road while going through construction zones.

Sadly, it's not usually the driver who gets the worst of it when accidents happen in these areas. In 2009, for example, about 116 road construction workers were fatally wounded after accidents in these construction areas.

4) Eating and Drinking

There's likely not many individuals who would deny that they've eaten behind the wheel at one point or another. In fact, a 2008 study found that three percent of drivers admitted that their most dangerous distracted driving behavior was eating food while driving.

This, of course, doesn't even account for those who engage in this and several other more dangerous driving behaviors. Another study found that, when using a simulator, crashes doubled when a person was eating while behind the wheel.

5) Dealing with Children

Children are the greatest treasure that a parent could ever hope to have, but unfortunately, they present a real risk when out on the road. Young individuals, whether infant or teenager, don't likely realize how dangerous it is when they distract the driver. Fighting with other siblings or simply demanding a driver's attention can easily lead to a deadly crash. Sadly, these accidents often end badly for both the driver and the children in the vehicle. It's important to make sure that children understand that good behavior is imperative while in the family vehicle.

Distracted driving is undoubtedly a dangerous behavior, and it can end in the negligent driver facing serious civil lawsuits and potentially even criminal charges. This is why it's so imperative to avoid the aforementioned behaviors.

These actions take a person's attention away from the one task they should be focused on: driving. When this occurs, the chance of a serious accident occurring goes up exponentially.


About The Author

Jamica Bell is a blogger and avid traveler. She spends a lot of time on the road so she understands how easy it is to become distracted. In addition, she also realizes the importance of contacting professionals to handle the unfortunate occurrence of a car crash. Whether she consults car accident lawyers in Miami, Florida while visiting friends or legal counsel in Boston Massachusetts while vacationing with family, resolving the mishap as quickly as possible is the goal.

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