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5 Exotic Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Written by Amelia Verona.

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There is no specific place in Los Angeles that you will not love, whether it is the uppers ide or the downtown Los Angeles.
The city of Los Angeles is one of the most visited cities in the world by tourists and travelers as well as people who go to seek for any opportunity.

The exotic city of Los Angeles has exotic places that you may love to visit at least once in your lifetime. Here are the 5 exotic places to visit in Los Angeles.

Walt Disney concert hall

Once you are in Los Angeles, you may consider visiting the Walt Disney concert hall and adjacent is the Walt Disney community park.

The construction was completed in 2003 that serves as one of the landmarks ion downtown Los Angeles.
The creation is made of pure stainless steel, which has appeared in many films and commercial advertisements.
You will love to make your own history by going around and maybe inside the 30 feet performance amphitheater.
On a sunny day, you can bask on the community park where you can take as much pictures as you wish.

Santa Monica place Mall

If your visit to Los Angeles includes children, then make Santa Monica mall the first stop.

The mall is located just two blocks from the beach where you can enjoy shopping, then dine in one of the restaurants at the mall while enjoying the perfect view of the sandy beach.

The shopping mall has everything you may need, from celebrity designer clothes, shoes, handbags and many more.
The children will enjoy the exotic playground and facilities inside the premises.

Electric Dusk drive-in

Electric Dusk drive-in is one of a kind, and probably the most exotic places to visit in Los Angeles.

This open-air film theater runs twice in a month, so you should schedule your itinerary to those two calendar dates.
Here you will enjoy the latest blockbuster, and not on the grass but you will drive to the top of the building with your personal car to enjoy the movies.

At night, you will enjoy magnificent view of the city while sipping and casting your popcorn in the comfort of your car.

Bonaventure Hotel

There is no need to visit an exotic city of Los Angeles, then miss a perfect place to stay, you can always book your way to the most exotic Bonaventure hotel in Los Angeles.

This place is the perfect definition of heaven on earth, the Bonaventure hotel is constructed to look like space ship.
The five star hotels is a five circular glass tower to give you the perfect view of the whole city with external elevators inspired by the film series Buck Rogers.

You can enjoy your life in one of the rooms with floor to ceiling windows, and before you retire to bed, enjoy your favorite drink and dine at Bona Vista lounge a revolving restaurant.

Beverly Hills

A visit to Los Angeles would be obsolete if you will not drive your way to Beverly Hills, also referred to as platinum triangle.
The most exotic place you will be excited to see is the Rodeo drive.

Rodeo drive is not just a street but also one of the streets that is well known worldwide, and that is not only from the building that surrounds the place but the business in the area.

The street is associated with most affluent of the USA; this is a fashion haven if you love fashion and designer items.
The street is the home of Gucci, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Harry Winston, Dolce and Gabanna, Giorgio Armani and many more, the list is endless.

About The Author: Amelia Verona is an avid writer and blogger. She lives in Cambridge, UK. She enjoys entrenching herself within the local culture in order to learn more about the people of a place. Currently she is creating awareness on Australia Visa which provides the simplest way to visit various places in Australia.

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