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Sustainable L.A.

Written by Ysmay.

Residents in Los Angeles are aware of their impact on the environment and there are many programs in place to help reduce the environmental problems, but often they are not approved or accepted for political reasons.

In 2008 the Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced a solar initiative that would create 400 clean jobs over the course of 3 years. The Mayor claimed "Clean energy is not a luxury; it is a necessity." In 2009 voters rejected the solar initiative due largely in part to community groups and government watchdogs. The outcry was not due to what was intended but due to the high cost and secretive manner in which it had been drafted.

A solar initiative has yet to pass in Los Angeles.

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County Office of Sustainability

A division of the Internal Services Department of the L.A. County Government, Green L.A. County is dedicated to the development of regional environmental and sustainability programs.

Created in 2009, the County Office of Sustainability is designed to respond to regulations and legislation in addition to coordinating sustainability programs within the county.

Operating with a budget of $53 million in state and federal funding, their website offers tips and information for residents and businesses

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