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Owning a Gun in Los Angeles

Written by Ysmay.

Reloading by the United States NavyReloading by the United States Navy


Gun laws in California are some of the strictest in the nation. Among others, California has banned .50 caliber weapons, assault weapons, and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Make sure you do your research before you try to get a gun in California, and remember: we are not legal counsel.

Carrying Concealed

California law states that one may receive a permit to carry concealed if the person is "of good moral character" and good cause exists to issue the permit.

The degree of difficulty that arises in obtaining a permit to carry depends on the city and the county in which you reside. In rural counties - near Nevada City for instance - it is significantly easier to get a concealed carry permit whereas in areas surrounding San Francisco and Los Angeles "good cause" is very difficult to prove.

Caifornia does *not* honor permits from any other state.

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