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Ricardo Chavez

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Meet Ricardo Chavez. This Mexican actor has done it all: television, film, and stage. Before acting, Ricardo was a model and a ballet dancer, and he continues to draw on these experiences in his current roles. Born in Mexico City to a middle class family to parents in the performing arts, it is no surprise that Ricardo's interest has only flourished over the years. 

Ricardo has a book out called "Your Life Does Not Have To Be a Soap Opera" about working through drama to become the person you're meant to be. 

Ricardo talked to us about his career, working with Sofia Vergara, and life in the City of Angels.

Was your love for the performing arts influenced by your parents? Did they want you to go into something else, like medicine?

It was indeed. My father used to be a singer and my mother a top model. They love arts and have always backed up my decision of being an actor. But of course, they would have preferred for me to be in a “normal” profession since it is much more stable.

How did you get into acting?

I started doing commercials as a boy. Later on, I started modeling all over the world, but when I had my first opportunity of stepping on a theater stage, I fell in love with the art. I had always wanted to have a medium of expression for all the passion inside me and acting gave me that gateway. 

How is acting more satisfying for you than modeling?

Well, acting allows you to express your inner self through the words of an author and that is not just much more difficult but a lot more satisfying than only posing for a camera or walking the catwalk. A model is only the mannequin for a certain product that needs to be sold, but an actor is the storyteller of a story that hopefully will move the spectator.

Why did you get into soap operas? Are soap operas as fun to make as we imagine?

In Mexico, soap operas are a big cultural thing. In the Latin countries we live, laugh and cry through them. They are also a huge medium to get known all over the world since they are shown everywhere regardless of the language or culture. After doing many commercials and years of theater, I started doing soap operas because they pay much better and also allowed me to get a big fan base. 

Yes, it is a lot of fun to be in soaps, mostly because of its melodramatic content and action scenes.

Tell us about your book "Your Life Does Not Have To Be a Soap Opera?"

"Your Life Does Not Have To Be a Soap Opera" is a book about our spiritual reality. It is a guide to a magical journey of self-discovery and spiritual realization. There are so many doctrines, philosophies and lines of thought that talk about spirituality, but most of them are full of glitches and misinform readers about what most concern them: the best way to achieve inner peace, solving their current problems and suffering, and how to achieve true happiness.

Why did you decide to write a book and how was it received?

I have always kept in contact with my fans around the world through my web pages, as well as on social networking sites.
One of these fans is a young woman who had been in contact with me for a while. One day she started to tell me about her personal problems. Every time I received a letter from her, I would read it and learn about the situations she was going through, which were seemingly not out of the ordinary. However, something within me was telling me that there was something more brewing behind those words she sent me via the Internet. Time passed, and I did not hear from her in several weeks until finally, I saw her name in my email inbox. When I opened her newest message, something happened. This was something that would forever change the way I view this type of correspondence, where we as actors can (and should) listen and help those who allow us into their homes through the television screen.

In this email, this girl with “seemingly simple problems” was confessing that the last email she wrote to me was meant to be the final email she would ever write in her life, as she had decided to commit suicide. But when she received my response, she burst into tears, realizing that what I was saying was true. So she decided not to do it.

I remember that I sobbed like a young child and realized that this was much bigger than myself and decided to start writing the book in order to be able to help many more people through its pages.

Can you give us a hint about what these "Cosmic Laws" are that govern everything?

Everything in the Universe is perfectly ruled by God. Everything functions under certain Laws; if this weren’t the case, we would exist under great chaos and life would not be possible. I’m sure you have heard about these same Laws somewhere, but maybe you haven’t really understood them or identify them in all their greatness. Just to mention one of them, let’s think about the Law of Cause and Effect, for example, also known as “Karma.”

We've most recently seen you in the Cover Girl commercial with Sofia Vergara. What was it like working on the commercial?

Working on this commercial was a fantastic experience and I had lots of fun. The whole crew was incredibly talented and having the chance of working with Toni Redpath, who is one of the best choreographers in the world, was truly amazing. 

You've known Sofia from your Miami days, right? What was it like working with her? Have you worked with her before?

Yes, I have known Sofía for a long time but never had the opportunity of working with her. It was great to work with her. She is a very smart and talented woman and her success makes us Latin people very proud.

What's next for you?

I am actively pursuing a good role to accomplish my crossover to the American market. I am also writing, producing and acting my first two Web series and a short film. At the same time, I continue promoting my book and am creating a radio station that will be about those important themes that I wrote in my book. I never stop, I have my eyes permanently locked on my target of being successful as an actor in Hollywood.

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