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Miss Lemonaid

Written by Ysmay.

We're thrilled to bring you an interview with Miss Lemonaid, a multi-tasking, 30-something mom, wife, friend and lifestyle guru in the vein of Sex and City and The Real Housewives.

A one-time Hollywood super star agent, Miss Lemonaid now runs the popular website LifestyleLemonaid.com where she serves up an intoxicating mix of life and style.

Read on for her unique Los Angeles perspective, and find out why she does what she does.


Have you always lived in L.A.? If not, where did you relocate from and what were you looking for in a home-base? If so, what has kept you in L.A. for so long?

I was born and raised in the Valley and now I live in Brentwood. LA is in my forever home. I love this city. I did go to school in Berkeley, but I always missed Southern California. What keeps me here is the energy, the people, my family, the ocean, the palm trees and of course, the sunshine!

As a mother, do you feel raising your children in L.A. as opposed to elsewhere has given them unique preparation for what lies ahead, and if so, in what ways?

Yes, LA is a smorgasbord of all types of people. It’s a big city and there’s a lot to do and you have to carve out your niche. There is an opportunity to do exactly what you want. I think this prepares them to go after what they want.

How did you end up as a Hollywood talent agent? Was that something you always wanted to do?

When I graduated college I had planned to move to NYC. I interviewed for a ton of jobs and it just so happens that the first job that accepted me was ICM. I guess it was my fate. I ended up staying in LA and have not left since. Once I started working at ICM I realized it was my calling because I love people and seeing them grow. It’s a very social career.

What sparked the transition into real estate?

Being a talent agent, as wonderful as it is, is truly a lifestyle. When I had babies, I recognized that being a talent agent would not lend itself for me to be a full time mom. I knew I always wanted to work and real estate was something that would utilize my people skills yet afford me the opportunity to create my own schedule.

It seems those two careers are both quite different. Did you discover any similarities?

Yes, they are both about networking. The more people you know the more business you can do.

In what ways have the skills you acquired in your previous careers helped you cultivate your identity of Miss Lemonaid?

My love of connecting people and marrying all things lifestyle catapulted me into being a written concierge of all things relationships, beauty, fashion and food.

You have really evolved into a social media maven with thousands of followers on Twitter and engaging, thought-provoking tweets. What is your favorite aspect of tweeting?

I love engaging with friends and fans. I am a pop culture junkie. I am constantly seeking out the newest and also the best. I like to weed out the inauthenticity. I also love to support friends and new emerging brands, businesses, artists, websites, etc...

A beacon of all things fashion-forward and feminine in L.A. what is one trendy, chic place you think an aspiring fashionista in L.A has to go to?

Robertson in Beverly Hills is the Mecca of all things fashion forward. And, of course, there is always Barney’s!

What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of L.A. and why?

I love all things LA. My favorite thing in LA is the people and the weather. The only two things I could come up with, which are NOT deal breakers, are the traffic and the smog.

If you had to sum up L.A. in one word, what would it be?


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