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Amy Adams

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Meet Amy Adams. 

After spending 15 years being controlled by food, Los Angeles resident Amy Adams created the A Bellyful of Bliss Workshop, to share her discoveries, insights and journey to help empower people with 6 steps that have freed her from emotional and compulsive overeating. 

In her workshops and soon to be published book, A Bellyful of Bliss, she teaches the six steps to freedom from compulsive overeating: forgiveness, surrender, the release of self judgment, how to change beliefs that are burying your bliss, possibility and how to create the life you crave.

Adams suggests we need to look inward in order to make positive changes for a better tomorrow, “What we are craving is not actually food; when faced with wanting to overeat we can either open our mouths or open our minds, we have a choice,” declares Adams.

Amy talked to us about overeating, her career, and life in Los Angeles. 

You have battled compulsive overeating. Would you please explain what compulsive overeating is for our readers and why it's such a problem?

It’s eating outside of stomach hunger to treat feelings, to quiet a mental obsession with food, an inability to control when or how much you eat - self loathing usually follows compulsive eating.

Sometimes we all just want to pig out on a carton of Ben & Jerry's. Where is the line between indulgence and compulsion?

Indulgence is a positive choice you feel good about, compulsion is accompanied by obsessive thoughts, guilt, negative thoughts and feelings.

How long did this go on and how did you finally win?

15 years of compulsive eating. I became free through the 6 steps outlined in my workshops and my book. It is an experience in spiritual satiation and personal power.

How did you start the workshops you currently offer about overeating?

I started them with a small group at a friend’s house because as soon as I started to explain what my book is about, people wanted to know more. I wrote the workbook based on the 6 steps in my book so attendees could begin their path to freedom.

Tell us about your recent event in Santa Monica. What was it like?

I shared my story with compulsive eating and how the steps unfolded for me. I gave practical precise instructions on HOW to have an experience with each step. Attendees had time to write and share their experience. I also had a few minutes to answer questions.

What kind of people attend?

Mostly women who were seeking a solution.

Do you see a difference in them between the time they arrive and the time they leave?

They were open, more relaxed and hopeful when they left.

The event is memorable to those who attend, but what about you? What are some of the things you're taking away from hosting?
I’m aware that people are suffering and willing to try a simple spiritual solution to stop overeating.

What's in store for the next event?

More hope, more freedom.

You have a book in the works, right? What can we expect from "A Belly Full of Bliss?"

Hope, inspiration, and precise direction on how to stop eating compulsively and how to start living from a bellyful of bliss.

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