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Far East Center

Denver's Asian community is largely centered around Federal Boulevard between West Alameda Avenue and West Mississippi Avenue in an area called Far East Center. You'll know you're there when you run into the giant Japanese pagoda at Federal and Alameda. Home to many Southeast Asian refugees after the Vietnam War, this neighborhood is plush with authentic Asian restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, gift shops, and clothing stores, particularly Thai and Vietnamese.

Five Points

The cultural hub of Denver's black community, the Five Points neighborhood is the area between 23rd and 38th streets. Restaurants in this area serve a lot of soul food, barbecue and Caribbean specialities and this is also where you can find a lot of the jazz and blues clubs.


There's an odd thing about Glendale that you may not suspect: Glendale is a fully incorporated city surrounded in its entirety by the city of Denver. Glendale takes up a whopping 1 square mile, and the majority of this space is commercial. Glendale has its own police department, but contracts fire and rescue out to the city of Denver since 2005. Glendale is a sister city to Playa del Carmen in Mexico.


This historic and trendy neighborhood is nestled between 32nd and 38th avenues, and Federal and Zuni streets. Traditionally a Hispanic neighborhood, this neighborhood is now home to the trendy Tennyson Street Cultural District where you can peruse many galleries that feature antiques, photographs, and sculpture. The Navajo Street Art District is also tucked in Highlands which is home to the city's oldest Italian restaurant.

Park Hill

Bordered by Colorado Boulevard, East 52nd Street, East Colfax, and Quebec Street, Park Hill is located in East Denver. The first homes in Park Hill were sold at the turn of the 20th century. This neighborhood was originally home to a diverse population including residents from Germany, England, and Italy, and diversity still prevails with a high number of white, African American and Hispanic residents. Chauncy Billups, former Nuggets player, is from Park Hill, and Park Hill is currently home to Denver's current governor John Hickenlooper.


Bounded by 23rd Avenue, York Street, Martin Luther King Boulevard, and Downing Street, this neighborhood is named for John Greenleaf Whittier, the abolitionist poet and a founding member of the Republican party. A racially diverse neighborhood, Whittier is situated in close proximity to downtown and is growing in popularity with young, affluent professionals.

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