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Northwest Side

Northwest Side

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Belmont Cragin

Also home to a number of Polish residents, this former town was named for the Cragin Brother's Metalworking Company before it became part of Chicago in 1889. Many Polish restaurants, bakeries, and shops. The small area of Hermosa is situated next to Belmont Cragin and is most well known for being the birth place of Walt Disney. Chicago provides a PDF map of Belmont Cragin.

Micky D's by Randy EscaladaMicky D's by Randy Escalada

Home to Eli's Cheesecake factory, Dunning is also home to the Chicago-Read Mental Health Center, formerly known as the Cook County Insane Asylum (also referred to as just "Dunning"). The proximity to the insane asylum was a deterrent and it wasn't until 1980's that Dunning began to see a surge in residents and businesses. Dunning is now known for having a "split Italian-Polish personality." The city of Chicago provides a PDF map of Dunning.

Irving Park

Sharing a border with the Chicago River, Irving Park is known for its diverse architecture. Victorian, Queen Anne, and Italianate homes line the streets. Originally farm land, Irving Park grew substantially during the 1980s. Official Chicago Map of Irving Park. (PDF)


This small, predominately residential, area is home to a factory that producesNear North Side Chicagy by Randy EscaladaNear North Side Chicagy by Randy EscaladaSnickers and Milky Way bars in addition to the Chicago Shriners Hospital for Children. The city of Chicago provides a PDF map of Montclare.

Portage Park

Known for the Six Corners shopping district, Portage Park is named after a recreational park by the same name. Home to the Polish Jesuit Millennium Center, Portage Park is rumoured to be the home to the largest Polish enclave in the city. The city of Chicago provides a PDF map of Portage Park.

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