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Sustainable Chicago

Sustainable Chicago

Written by Ysmay.

Center for Green Energy by Seth AndersonCenter for Green Energy by Seth Anderson

Chicago has many green initiatives in place, and has had for many years. Perhaps two of the most visible are the Green Roof of City Hall (unfortunately not open for public tours, it is easily viewed from nearby buildings), and Chicago's planting of more than a half million trees in the past 20 years.

Sustainable Backyard is a program of the City of Chicago meant to help homeowners provide a more environmentally friendly landscape. The program provides rebates on native plantings, classes on eco-friendly gardening, discounts on native trees, rebates on compost bins and rain barrels.

The City of Chicago runs a household hazardous waste and e-waste recycling facility, which is open two days per week at varying hours.

Chicago Center for Green Technology is a comprehensive green design and educational resource.

Recycling is big in Chicago, with residential curbside (or alleyway) single stream recycling containers, commercial recycling ordinances, and mandatory construction and demolition recycling.

Another nice touch that just lends to quality of life, is Chicago's noise ordinance.

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