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Aly Bockler

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Aly Bockler

Meet Aly Bockler.

This Chicago celebrity has worked on-air in both radio and television since the early 90's with stints in Los Angeles, Florida, her hometown area Peoria, IL and for the past several years; ChicagoOn The Block with Aly Bockler takes the viewer deeper into the heart of Chicago and unearths it's charms block by block. 

In our exclusive interview, Aly talked to us about her career and discovering the Windy City.


Ok, we just LOVE You & Me This Morning. Tell us about the show and how you got started.

You & Me This Morning is weekdays 6-8am on WCIU, the U. It's a fun Chicago morning show that is less about reporting on house fires, politics and car crashes and more on the fun, comedic, maybe even slightly buzzed side.

What can a viewer expect when tuning in for the first time?

Laughter…usually from me, at me. We are a show that boasts “realness”…real women, real Chicago...and I’m about as real and rough around the edges as it gets. I have heard from people who watch our show “I just wanna hang out with you sometime” and I think that’s so flattering. If you have me in your living room during 6-8am every day and walk away from the TV thinking you’d still like to hang out with me after seeing me act like an over caffeinated idiot, well, you’ve just made me feel like a million bucks and I thank you.

How did you get into broadcast media? Was it a calling or did you just "fall into it?”

I started playing the guitar at age 7, and to get me to practice every night, my mom told me I had a radio show with a whole city of listeners depending on my entertaining them... she would give me a countdown, “you’re on in 5-4-3-2-1” and I was so young I honestly believed when she hit record and play on the cassette player to record my practice, that was the start of my radio show... I had a ½ hour of music to play, which back then I was at the mercy of my guitar teacher, who was a young gal giggin’ in bars, and while I wanted to rock out some Prince and Billy Idol, I was at the mercy of her set list which in the early 80’s was all John Denver, Oak Ridge Boys and the country side of Olivia Newton John...and it was when I was about 9 that I realized my mom duped me all along in an effort to get me to practice every night. I've been chasing a real audience ever since.

How do You & Me This Morning and On The Block differ from other broadcast media productions you have worked on?

I come from a radio background, I was a DJ for a classic rock station, where you could come to work in pajamas and your hair in curlers if you wanted, but being in front of the camera requires standing up straight, sucking it in, glossing up, jusssshing up the hair and appearing more sober than I probably actually am. So, I guess that’s probably the biggest difference… I love both radio and television and hope I always have the chance to rock the mic!

What is the funnest part of what you do?

Fulfilling my bucket list! One day I’m a whale trainer at the Shedd, the next day I’m on the groundskeeping crew for the White Sox. I’ve rappelled 27 stories off the WIT hotel, skated with the Chicago Blackhawks, jumped out of planes, met fun celebs, interviewed people underwater, hell, Jerry Springer even flew me and Dustin my camera guy to be on his security team for the day for The Jerry Springer Show… life doesn’t get more fun than the different things I do on the clock and while I work hard, I appreciate and realize I’m one of the luckiest girls in the world. I truly love my life!

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