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Brooklyn Streets – Not for the Faint of Heart!

Written by Holly Chavez.

Brooklyn CarBrooklyn Car

Brooklyn, New York, with its unique neighborhoods, restaurants and diverse groups of people, is one of the most exciting and wonderful places to call home. However, with its narrow roadways, unique street signs, and odd directions, you may find it challenging to navigate its streets while competing with the parked cars for road space.

Food, Fun and Entertainment, No Matter What Season


While many city dwellers make their way into Manhattan for restaurants, entertainment and fun, you can enjoy some of the best museums, concerts and fine dining without ever leaving Brooklyn. From the Brooklyn Academy of Music and St. Ann’s Warehouse to Brooklyn’s Museum of Art and concerts in the park, the area is brimming with excitement.

There are always plenty of events, no matter what the season. The Brooklyn Museum offers family-friendly entertainment called First Saturdays. If you’re interested in lectures, you’ll want to hit up the Brooklyn Public Library. Other free attractions include the Mermaid and West Indian American Labor Day parades and picturesque views from
Red Hook of the Statue of Liberty.

Prospect Park and Red Hook are ideal spots for those interested in a jog, a walk with the dog, a soccer game or biking. Health enthusiasts can find miles of great places to run, and the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative’s Epic Ride is a great annual event for cyclists to get together and enjoy biking along the Brooklyn and Queens waterfront.

If you’re looking for a few peaceful moments in Brooklyn, you may want to try heading to the Boardwalk at Coney Island to watch the sunrise. Brighton Beach and Coney Island are but a train ride away. The Long Island beaches and Atlantic Ocean are also a breeze to get to when you use public transportation.

Traversing the Mean Streets

Brooklyn Public TransitBrooklyn Public Transit

Big cities may have a lot to offer, but they can be riddled with cars, traffic and people. That also means a rise in traffic accidents, injuries and high insurance rates. While it can be tricky making your way in and out of the city, being prepared by practicing in all kinds of weather conditions can reduce accidents.

City driving is very different from navigating an open highway since you need to constantly stay alert for pedestrians crossing busy streets. A lot of things can lead to a car accident. Practice defensive driving to avoid collisions and injury by paying close attention to road lights, the flow of traffic, and what’s happening in front of your car. Leave maneuvering room between your car and others to deter any fender benders in times of severe congestion.

Limited space and narrow streets in Brooklyn make parking a car an adventure in itself, so plan ahead. One of the best ways to do this is by checking your destination to get an idea of the parking spots available. You may also want to check for VIP parking or swap your ride for something smaller. Since Brooklyn is a lot less congested than Manhattan, you may be able to use public transportation or a cab.

Since Brooklyn streets can abruptly change names, plan your route. Make use of a GPS system and map out directions ahead of time to help you avoid becoming a traffic accident statistic while making your way to your destination.

Brooklyn is rapidly becoming one of the most popular places to move to. Whether it’s because of the charming neighborhoods, the ethnic diversity, the hottest restaurants or the many business opportunities for professionals, it’s no wonder so many people are putting down roots.

Writer Holly Chavez formerly lived and worked in New York. She knows that Brooklyn is one of the most gorgeous places to live in the United States, and like all of New York, it's vibrant and packed with all sorts of things to do.

Photos from Damien Derouene

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