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Tours and Day Trips

If you're feeling up to a 30 mile drive, in Foxborough is the Five Wits interactive adventure group. Tickets can be kind of pricey ($18 per adult on average), but it is a fun and unique afternoon solving mysteries or pretending to be a spy. Check out the new and ongoing immersion adventure games on their site.

Saugus Iron Works by John PhelanSaugus Iron Works by John Phelan

The Saugus Iron Works National Historical Site is a must for anybody who loves history. The European iron makers brought their skills to Saugus, Massachusetts in the 1600s. Located 20 miles north of Boston, guided tours will teach you about 17th century iron production, as will a 12 minute film discussing the archaeological dig and restoration of Saugus in the 1940s and 1950s.

Movie Buffs will likely enjoy the Boston Movie Tours. Go grab a drink at L Tavern, as seen in Good Will Hunting, check out the original Cheers™, and see some of Jack Nicholson's mob hangouts as seen in The Departed.

Ghosts and Gravestones is a group that offers tours of the most haunted places in Boston Harbor including the Omni Parker House and King's Chapel Burial Ground.

The Old Boston Secret Tour is a 90-minute walking tour of Boston's neighborhoods. You will learn about The Great Molasses Flood, how the man flew off the steeple of the Old North Church, and much more.

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