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Meet The Texas State Capitol

Written by Ysmay.

Capitol Building by Sunday's Child Snapshots

The Capitol building features prominently in the Austin cityscape, and will continue to do so, because a law prohibits blocking the many excellent views of the building from vantage points throughout the city.

Constructed on the site at the head of Congress Avenue earmarked in the original 1839 plans, the current building replaced an earlier one that was destroyed by fire in 1881. Everything was already in motion for the construction of the new building, and it commenced in February 1882.

After some delays in acquiring the stone used in the construction, the Goddess of Liberty statue was placed atop the dome in February 1888. The official opening day was April 21, 1888.

A magnificent example of Italian Renaissance Revival that was favored in 19th century public architecture, the Capitol is open to the public and well worth a visit. The rotunda forms a whispering gallery, and an actual gallery, as well, with the portraits of every person to serve as either Governor of Texas, or President of the Republic of Texas included.

To read more, visit the website of The Texas State Preservation Board.

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