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Three Austin Eateries We Can't Get Enough Of

Written by Ysmay.

The Austin Food Scene is a diverse, and ever expanding, community of locally owned restaurants, chef driven menus, and gourmet food trucks. Here are the three places we can't get enough of.

Barley Swine

Beet cake, lavender, smoked blackberries, hay ice cream, beet meringue | Photo by Barley SwineBeet cake, lavender, smoked blackberries, hay ice cream, beet meringue | Photo by Barley Swine

Barley Swine is one of the most interesting restaurants in Austin. Delicious, yet gastronomically confused, this gastropub has extensive wine and beer offerings. Anthony Bourdain visited Barley Swine while he was filming No Reservations, and found the restaurant to be much to his liking.

And it's really no wonder.

Our favourite dishes include combinations like carrots, goat cheese, ancho chile, and fried chickpea cake, and Wagyu beef loin, radish, corn pudding, with grilled radicchio. The dishes are small, yet locally sourced through a number of Central Texas farmers. It's their creativity and dedication to locally sourced ingredients that puts Barley Swine at the top of our list.




Franklin Barbecue

Franklin Barbecue Meats | Photo by Franklin BarbecueFranklin Barbecue Meats | Photo by Franklin Barbecue

Over on 11th you'll find this incredibly popular barbecue joint which was also visited by Anthony Bourdain when he did Austin. And he visited for good reason. Franklin Barbecue is out of this world.

You can now find the Franklin Barbecue Sauce in HEBs all over Texas, but no matter how you try, the food won't be the same as heading over to the Franklin Barbeque and waiting in the long line of people who are always waiting for delicious barbecue. This is our favourite place to go for lunch, and it pays to get their early. They serve from 11am until sold out.

And while you may be standing in a line, it's well worth the wait for the mouth-watering brisket and potato salad.

Owner Aaron Franklin must be doing something right. Bon Appetit named Franklin Barbecue the Best Barbecue in America in 2010. Aaron Franklin's consistency, dedication, and absolutely fabulous food puts the Franklin Barbecue at number two on our list of joints we can't get enough of.



Watermelon, prosciutto, five spice, black vinegar. | Photo by UchiWatermelon, prosciutto, five spice, black vinegar. | Photo by Uchi

When we're in the mood for Japanese food, we head to Uchi.

Uchi is a fresh take on Japanese cuisine, with super fresh daily offerings. Like Barley Swine Uchi also has a commitment to locally sourced ingredients, and a dedication to the freshest fish they can get their hands on. Daily they fly fish in from the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo.

Executive Chef Tyson Cole has over ten years of experience working under two sushi masters, and a natural talent for marrying global ingredients with traditional Japanese flavours.

Uchi's delicate hot and cool offerings include selections like maguro sashimi with goat cheese, yokai berry with dinosaur kale, and pork jowl with brussel sprouts kimchee.

Named one of the Top Ten Sushi Restaurants in America by Travel + Leisure, Uchi comes in at number three on our list of our favourite places in Austin.


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