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James Granberry

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Golden Sunset by James GranberryGolden Sunset by James Granberry

We are pleased to feature the work of prolific photographer and Austinite James Granberry. James, who has roots in Austin, is the owner of Minda Productions which, in addition to specializing in photography and videography, works to bring local artists together with businesses.

What photography format do you prefer to work in? Do you manipulate your images or shoot “straight?”

I use digital cameras. Many of my photos are straight from the camera, and many more I manipulate with artistic filters and tools in editing software.

What camera(s) do you use?

I have three Olympus cameras. An E-330, E-510, and an E-520. I only have a small assortment of different lenses: 11-22mm, 24-42mm, and a 18-180mm.

Have you always been an artist?
Windmill by James GranberryWindmill by James Granberry

In my youngest years, during elementary and grade school, I always elected to take art classes. But school was not the only place I learned. My mother is now a retired art teacher. I credit her with much of my artist traits and influence. There is much art history in my family from my parent and grandparents.

I’m not sure I ever realized there was a start point. Maybe when I was 5 to 7 yrs old? I always was encouraged in my fondness for drawing, sketching, and painting. But when my parents got me my first camera when I was 8 yrs old, I never put it down. They could not keep me in film fast enough.

What was the moment when you first realized you are capable of creating a creative career for yourself?

In the spring of 2008 I watched and help my mother organize and manage the artists that showed at Lockhart’s Rite Of Spring Festival. I exhibited photographic art with a digital projector, but seeing the booth setups of several of the artists there showed me what I needed to do to exhibit at local art shows and fairs. The following year I sold several reprints of my work at 2009’s Rite Of Spring Festival. This was definitely my kickstart to knowing I had an art career in the making.

Do you have any favorite local shooting locations that pull you back time and again?

I would have to say the rustic landscapes of our hill country regions of Texas and southeast of Austin. The winter sunsets from the easement to my parents retirement house in Red Rock allow for fire-like orange colors along the bottoms of the clouds. This is probably my favorite thing to photograph again and again. Straight from the camera it still gives amazing orange sunset colors.

What is one milestone for your career that you hope to achieve?

I hope to get enough money to make more printed giclee inventory to show. I have much that is print purchase capable online, but I would like to be able to exhibit at many of the larger shows and fairs as Jamie Rood, Heather Harris, Warren Cullors, Samuel Gideon - who was a close friend of my grandfather’s - and many more have done. And hopefully get the same exposure they have had. 

Who are some of your favorite photographers?

I will narrow it down to my number one pick, Eli Reed, a member of Magnum Photos, a Lucie Award Winner, and one of the world’s five top photo journalists. I have been blessed beyond belief to have Eli as a close friend. Over the last four to five years he has really furthered my passion in photography and helped me to have more defined focus on photographic subjects.

Emergence of a Golden Sun by James GranberryEmergence of a Golden Sun by James Granberry

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