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We are pleased to feature the artwork of Emily Galusha, an emerging artist in Austin. Emily was kind enough to talk about her artwork, childhood, and Austin. For a truly unique insider's perspective, read on.

Are you originally from Austin? If so, what kept you here? If not, why did you relocate and where from?

I was born and raised in Little Rock, AR, and moved here a year ago for challenge and change. Austin is an inspiring and motivating place to get your creativity stirred up. I have met some wonderful artists, musicians, actors and entrepreneurs that are helpful in bouncing ideas off each other and keeping one another stimulated.

What medium do you prefer and why?

I enjoy graphite, mixed media and working on the computer. But, I have to say, getting my hands dirty always feels very productive.

Have you always been an artist? If not, what did you transition from?

Growing up in a family of artists, I was always encouraged to seek out that part of myself. As long as we were busy and staying out of trouble, my parents supported whatever we did. I started college as a ballet pedagogy / pre-dentistry major before transitioning into the arts where I achieved my BFA in Graphic Design.

Vintage Pistol Couture by Emily Galusha | graphite illustration; vintage sewing pattern paper | 2011 | Available from grayDUCK GalleryVintage Pistol Couture by Emily Galusha | graphite illustration; vintage sewing pattern paper | 2011 | Available from grayDUCK Gallery

What was the moment when you realised you are capable of making a career for yourself?

I'm not sure, honestly, and it still fluctuates. One year I will win awards and make good money. The next I'm struggling and reminding myself that this is something I love. It is never easy, but I think that’s why I love it.

Where do you draw your inspiration? - Pun slightly intended!

Clever! Let's see... my dog (Luna), cactus, 7pm summer sunsets, travel, watching other artists work, my parents, my brothers, love, David Lynch, Leadbelly, Old Crow Medicine Show, Hank Sr., Miss Van... oh, I could go on, but those are the ones that seem most consistent.

What is your favorite work of art by another artist and why?

This is an unfair question. we all know artists are indecisive and fickle!... kidding. My favorite painting today is Wayne Thiebaud's "Half Dome." It’s beautiful and creamy and the colors are dreamy. He is such an inspiration to me. One day I hope to meet him.

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